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I'm a mom who has lost over 50 pounds practicing the low-carb lifestyle.


My name is Katherine Prouty, and I have been in special interest web publishing for a long time. I have created and delivered a lot of products where the audience is crucial in creating the content. These sites are the culmination of my previous experience. Right now I have two of them, and

About Low Carb Freedom:

It is a site where I hope to help overweight adults and kids by giving them low-carb alternatives that can work long term.

Having done the low-carb lifestyle for over a year, given numerous "talks" to my local church and other interested families, there are a few things that are critical to long-term success: knowing what to shop for and knowing where to get the right food so it is ALWAYS available -- including the glove compartment of your car. I have started this site with my local grocery chains and a few key "must-have" products. I hope to expand so it is relevant across the US. Som stores like Costco, BJs and Trader Joe's do have a wide reach.

I am not a doctor. I am not a nutritionist. DO NOT start a diet without talking to your doctor first, reading books and research reports, and making your own decisions based on all available information.

I am a reader. I have made my own decisions based on available information and by trying the low-carb lifestyle. This site reflects my own opinions and nothing more. This site is what I would tell my daughter. (In other words, don't try to sue me for letting you into my thoughts.)

On the other hand, I expect my opinions will change over time. I expect my readers will educate me. I expect other bloggers to note my inevitable mistakes. I expect research to refine accepted dietary practice.

I hope that the nutritional establishment will meet the same challenge that the journalism establishment is now meeting with bloggers -- and that both establishments will be better for it.

A word about advertising:

I have joined with several affiliate programs in order to get revenue to run this site. I also intend to take advertisements. However, I will always give you, the reader, all options so you can make your own decisions. (And I am interested in hearing about those decisions.)

Pleae email me for more information on where to send press releases and new product releases. Also, please email me for advertising rates.

About ParentPundit:

I'm just starting! More to come!